001. Say hello my latest creative endeavour Studio Frockled. If you are new around here, you may not know that I am currently in my second year of uni studying graphic and web design, with a minor in photography. I freaking love all forms of creativity and would actually love to be able to make some money to live off from this passion one day. Studio Frockled is the home all of design, photography and creative magic. I currently have an Instagram and Facebook page set up for this new business and visual portfolio. If you are interested at all, and want to support a budding young creative, it would mean the world to me if you flicked Studio Frockled a follow or like. I'm also aiming to set up a real portfolio in the near future, but for now this is what I'm working with. Baby steps right!? 

002. Life has been pretty crazy to say the least over the past month. Thanks for hanging out and reading the scramble of words and explosion of visuals on this small space in the world wide web. 

Lena x