001. Today I want to talk about the importance of simplicity and creativity when shifting to a more sustainable and earth friendly lifestyle. I definitely consider myself a frugal hedonist who really really really loves the earth and I try my best to align my actions with my values. Over the past couple of years I have made lots of small changes in my life which has led me to a place where I now rarely buy anything new, produce very little waste, focus my energy on my passions and live on a way-below-average-income. It can sound a little crazy at first (and hold on here because it’s about to get cheesy) but since I simplified added more creativity into my way of living I have been so endlessly rewarded with experiences, freedom, passion, happiness and richness that money just can’t buy. 

002. This week I whipped up some granola and bliss balls using three simple ingredients. One of my housemates made almond and coconut milk and kindly asked me if I wanted the pulp of the nuts before he popped it in the compost. As an anti-waste warrior with some creative/experimental flair in the kitchen I happily obliged. I threw the nuts in a blender with some dates and oats, and the result was a doughy-sweet-budget-friendly-treat. Toasted in the oven created granola, and rolled into balls created sweet raw bliss balls. I could have easily added some super food chia seeds or cacao to make it a decadent experience but SIMPLE IS GOOD (and damn tasty too). I’d also like to point out at this stage, that yes the photos above are staged to look aesthetically pleasing but they are simply just a $1 stainless steel tiffin and a mason jar found in second hand stores. 

003. Creativity is EVERYWHERE and is one of the essential ingredients in life. When talking about sustainable living creativity walks hand-in-hand with simplicity. Together they can create, problem solve and address any hiccup that may come their way. The best part about keeping simplicity as one of your core values is really how SIMPLE everything really will become. You no longer need to choose between seven different options because you now only have one (and that’s all you really need). Take your simplified options, squeeze in a bit of creativity and you have an endless source of adventure. 

004. Honestly, I don’t really know WHERE this post was going, but it’s been a hell of a long time since I wrote a blog post so I just thought I would just let my mind explode all over the internet again (and maybe it was slightly thought provoking or mildly interesting to some?). If not I apologise, I promise there is more how-to’s and eco goodness coming up shortly, and less of this mindless-talking thing. 

Lena x


001. A collection of photos I've taken recently of the little things that make me happy. Dappled skies, ocean sparkles, warm sunshine and sandy toes. Feeling forever grateful to be here on this little planet endlessly flowing with natural beauty. There is magic and abundance everywhere- all you have to do is open your eyes. 

Lena x


001. I promised to write this post a while ago, to summarise my 3 months abroad in Nepal and India, but honestly I just needed some time to process and reflect the whirlwind of adventure I experienced. It's been three months now since I landed back on Australian shores and I can honestly still say I am still not quite sure how to put my experiences into words- but here we go!

002. Nepal was straight up mind-blowing and beautiful. Experiencing the insane natural wonder of the Himalayas was enough to make my jaw drop from day one. The kindness, warmth and generosity of Nepali people was humbling and made me feel full with endless gratitude. I always feel at home in the mountains, on top of a small part of the world where the air is crisp and comforting solitude can be found. Nature seriously makes me so DAMN HAPPY and Nepal was abundant with that pure Mother Earth magic. My memories of hiking outdoors everyday and feasting on delicious dhal bhat each night fills my heart with so much joy and happiness. The mountains are calling and I definitely will be back to answer them.

003. Functioning chaos and enchanting beauty. These are the words that resonate with me the most when trying to put the entire country of India into words (and maybe it still doesn't quite do it justice). The only thing I really think that can prepare you for a trip to India is a previous trip to India! Seriously, drop all your expectations, go into it with an open heart and an open mind. You will be far more rewarded. I only hit the tip of the iceberg with my time in India, travelling mainly around the North. Now I've had a few months on home soil to reflect (and heal my poor digestion) I really know that one day I am going to go back to keep exploring that wild country, hopefully little more South. The sounds, colours, people and places of India are intense, challenging and beautiful. It was far from anything I have ever experienced and it really still blows my mind. Travel is SO incredible man! Just go book yourself a flight and maybe take a look for yourself.

004. This post is filled with a few of my favourite moments I managed to capture during my trip. I freaking LOVE nature, exploring and travel. I hope you do too.

Lena x


001. Say hello my latest creative endeavour Studio Frockled. If you are new around here, you may not know that I am currently in my second year of uni studying graphic and web design, with a minor in photography. I freaking love all forms of creativity and would actually love to be able to make some money to live off from this passion one day. Studio Frockled is the home all of design, photography and creative magic. I currently have an Instagram and Facebook page set up for this new business and visual portfolio. If you are interested at all, and want to support a budding young creative, it would mean the world to me if you flicked Studio Frockled a follow or like. I'm also aiming to set up a real portfolio in the near future, but for now this is what I'm working with. Baby steps right!? 

002. Life has been pretty crazy to say the least over the past month. Thanks for hanging out and reading the scramble of words and explosion of visuals on this small space in the world wide web. 

Lena x


001. Nestled in between small mountains in the desert, you will find a teeny-tiny place called Pushkar. It’s a backpacker favourite in India filled will endless cheap guesthouses, lots of hippie hangouts and a chilled out vibe. The main area of town is the market- essentially just one long street with shops squeezed into every corner imaginable. If you want to do shopping in India, Pushkar is definitely the place to do it. It had the cheapest prices and variety I saw by far in all my travels! Camels, monkeys, and cows with five legs were the animals of choice for the town. We ended up staying in Pushkar for about a week due to just wanting to chill out before international flights. I wouldn’t recommend staying that long though because it really is teeny tiny and is easily do-able in far less days.

002. If you are in Pushkar and are are wanting to escape the busy centre of the market I recommend just WALKING. Ben and I loved just walking out of town and quickly finding peace and quiet. There are lots of small hills to climb around town too which can be quite spectacular at sunrise or sunset. The landscape in Pushkar was arid and reminded me a lot of my time in Central Australia. Dry, sandy ground with green shrubs and bush popping up over hills on the red horizon. Sadly in Pushkar my camera had some complications, so I don’t have a lot of photo evidence to show (but on the bright side it was my last stop in India and thankfully not my first!).

003. Puskar is a pretty tourist centred town and the food options were endless. Cheap juice and muesli stalls are dotted along the market street and made regular a tasty breakfast. Honey and Spice was our favourite for something really nourishing and super vegan friendly. But my favourite was Radhe Ji, because it had bomb Indian food for affordable prices (which was surpassingly hard to find in Pushkar). Order their thali and sit on the rooftop to enjoy the sunset views- I promise you will not be disappointed. 

004. So… that’s my last India post! I’m not really sure how to wrap this up?! Thanks for (maybe) following along with the long adventure. I hope it was somewhat helpful, insightful or amusing. There will be a post coming soon with a collection of my favourite photos from the trip through Nepal and India. Along with some slightly deeper words reflecting on the most diverse, confronting, challenging and beautiful adventure I have ever embarked on. 

Lena x