001. I promised to write this post a while ago, to summarise my 3 months abroad in Nepal and India, but honestly I just needed some time to process and reflect the whirlwind of adventure I experienced. It's been three months now since I landed back on Australian shores and I can honestly still say I am still not quite sure how to put my experiences into words- but here we go!

002. Nepal was straight up mind-blowing and beautiful. Experiencing the insane natural wonder of the Himalayas was enough to make my jaw drop from day one. The kindness, warmth and generosity of Nepali people was humbling and made me feel full with endless gratitude. I always feel at home in the mountains, on top of a small part of the world where the air is crisp and comforting solitude can be found. Nature seriously makes me so DAMN HAPPY and Nepal was abundant with that pure Mother Earth magic. My memories of hiking outdoors everyday and feasting on delicious dhal bhat each night fills my heart with so much joy and happiness. The mountains are calling and I definitely will be back to answer them.

003. Functioning chaos and enchanting beauty. These are the words that resonate with me the most when trying to put the entire country of India into words (and maybe it still doesn't quite do it justice). The only thing I really think that can prepare you for a trip to India is a previous trip to India! Seriously, drop all your expectations, go into it with an open heart and an open mind. You will be far more rewarded. I only hit the tip of the iceberg with my time in India, travelling mainly around the North. Now I've had a few months on home soil to reflect (and heal my poor digestion) I really know that one day I am going to go back to keep exploring that wild country, hopefully little more South. The sounds, colours, people and places of India are intense, challenging and beautiful. It was far from anything I have ever experienced and it really still blows my mind. Travel is SO incredible man! Just go book yourself a flight and maybe take a look for yourself.

004. This post is filled with a few of my favourite moments I managed to capture during my trip. I freaking LOVE nature, exploring and travel. I hope you do too.

Lena x