001. Nestled in between small mountains in the desert, you will find a teeny-tiny place called Pushkar. It’s a backpacker favourite in India filled will endless cheap guesthouses, lots of hippie hangouts and a chilled out vibe. The main area of town is the market- essentially just one long street with shops squeezed into every corner imaginable. If you want to do shopping in India, Pushkar is definitely the place to do it. It had the cheapest prices and variety I saw by far in all my travels! Camels, monkeys, and cows with five legs were the animals of choice for the town. We ended up staying in Pushkar for about a week due to just wanting to chill out before international flights. I wouldn’t recommend staying that long though because it really is teeny tiny and is easily do-able in far less days.

002. If you are in Pushkar and are are wanting to escape the busy centre of the market I recommend just WALKING. Ben and I loved just walking out of town and quickly finding peace and quiet. There are lots of small hills to climb around town too which can be quite spectacular at sunrise or sunset. The landscape in Pushkar was arid and reminded me a lot of my time in Central Australia. Dry, sandy ground with green shrubs and bush popping up over hills on the red horizon. Sadly in Pushkar my camera had some complications, so I don’t have a lot of photo evidence to show (but on the bright side it was my last stop in India and thankfully not my first!).

003. Puskar is a pretty tourist centred town and the food options were endless. Cheap juice and muesli stalls are dotted along the market street and made regular a tasty breakfast. Honey and Spice was our favourite for something really nourishing and super vegan friendly. But my favourite was Radhe Ji, because it had bomb Indian food for affordable prices (which was surpassingly hard to find in Pushkar). Order their thali and sit on the rooftop to enjoy the sunset views- I promise you will not be disappointed. 

004. So… that’s my last India post! I’m not really sure how to wrap this up?! Thanks for (maybe) following along with the long adventure. I hope it was somewhat helpful, insightful or amusing. There will be a post coming soon with a collection of my favourite photos from the trip through Nepal and India. Along with some slightly deeper words reflecting on the most diverse, confronting, challenging and beautiful adventure I have ever embarked on. 

Lena x

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