001. By the time you read this post I will be somewhere in Nepal! If you missed my last post, Ben and myself are currently on a backpacking trip around Nepal and India for the next 3-4 months. I thought showing you what I packed in my 40L carry on backpack could be interesting and useful for all fellow explorers! 

002. I took the time to loosely label the total contents of my backpack in the above photo, so I don't bore you to death with the nitty gritty details. Photo number two demonstrates a couple of my ultimate backpacking travel hacks. The first one is packing cubes- these will save your life and stop you from endlessly burying around in your backpack! Plus they save lots of space. You could order some cheap ones off eBay or pop into Kmart and grab the three pack of laundry bags they sell (which is my favourite option!). Essential number two is a scarf type of wrap which will double as a cover-up, sarong, headscarf, source of warmth or towel for desperate situations. My third essential is somewhere safe to keep your valuables close to you, this could be one of those secret belts to store your passport or a special PacSafe handbag like mine. These options are great to give you peace of mind when you are in a busy or overwhelming place. My grandma kindly crocheted the outside of mine to make it a little more funky and a little less tourist! 

003. I also wanted to include some eco hacks, which I am going to try to implement while away on this trip. I want to try to avoid plastic bags wherever possible, so this little string bag is great and weighs almost nothing. The reusable bamboo spork will be handy in avoiding plastic cutlery if it turns up too. Finally, as the water in the countries I will be travelling to shouldn't be consumed untreated, I investied in a LifeStraw water bottle to hopefully cut down on plastic water bottle use. Last time I backpacked Asia this was something I wish I avoided more! I haven't ever used this product before, but I'm excited to see how effective and easy it is to use! 

004. So, I guess this is what you could call a minimalist, eco inspired packing post?! I am SO excited to be travelling abroad again with my best friend! I promise to share lots of photos, travel stories and adventures when I am home on this special little place on the internet. 

Lena x