001. Before heading off on my travels, I wanted to grab a new lip balm but I felt conflicted about supporting something that came in plastic packaging or used beeswax. So the only conclusion that seemed sensible to an eco babe like myself was to try and make my own!

002. You can find the exact recipe and instructions that I followed HERE. I was planning on writing it up, but I just followed the recipe from the Biome blog and they do a much better job than me at explaining all things technical and eco! The only adaption I made was that I halved the recipe and it still made LOADS (just keep this in mind as lip balm isn't really something you need a lot of). Also a hot little tip to clean the waxiness off your pots at the end of the experiment, boil the kettle and pour it over the mess. Voila!

003. I really feel proud and excited with each little new thing I teach myself to make that is natural, eco friendly and creates zero waste. It can be challenging and experimental, but it really is another form of creativity for me. Plus the satisfaction you get from making your own beauty products and knowing EXACTLY what you are putting on your skin is pretty damn great too.

Lena x