001. One of my goals for 2018 is make things I usually buy from the supermarket from scratch. I feel super accomplished and proud of myself whenever I manage to make something I would usually just mindlessly buy from the shops, so I would love to share some of these ideas/recipes along my journey. The main reason behind my actions for homemade EVERYTHING is because you know EXACTLY what you are putting into your body and can avoid a lot of unnecessary packaging along the way, which is good for you and good for the earth!

002. As someone who does not consume dairy products, I like to treat myself to coconut yoghurt. I use the word 'treat' because here in Australia it sets you back about $8 a tub, which I can definitely not afford regularly. Plus, I also felt very wasteful throwing away a plastic tub each time (even though they are often recyclable). For fellow Aussies following along, I bought the organic coconut milk in a can from Woolies for $2.50 and a bottle of vegan probiotics from the health food store for $30 ($1 per capsule). I'm going to experiment with the different brands of coconut milk/cream each time I try until I find the BEST, but I think it's a good idea to stick to ones with the least amount of weird added things and that don't list water as the number one ingredient.

003. The recipe I followed only has TWO INGREDIENTS and was surprisingly easy to achieve on my first attempt. It's from the Minimalist Baker blog and she addresses troubleshooting queries at the end of the post too which is super helpful. To culture my yoghurt I left it in the oven with only the light on for 36 hours, and I even think I could have gotten away with 24 hours because Queensland summer is damn HOT. I also added in some maple syrup once before I popped it into the fridge, just for touch of sweetener.

004. Slow and simple living feels so wholesome and rewarding. Watch this space for more homemade success stories in 2018!

005. PS. Also watch this space for higher quality photos when I finally get my camera back from repairs.

Lena x