Top: Op Shop// Jeans: Op Shop// Shoes: Birkenstock// Bag: Fjallraven// Bottle: The Source

001. Hi friends! It's been a while since I uploaded anything in this series, so when the makeshift photography studio was still hanging up in my little shack I thought it would be a good opportunity to take some photos! Five minutes and some awkward poses later, here are the results! 

002. This outfit was just something simple I popped on to head into uni for the morning (yes it's still hot here, jeans probably weren't even totally necessary). The grey tee was a $2 op shop find, along with the white jeans, which I also managed to nab up for $2. They are originally from the brand Insight (quite pricey) and I added the DIY distressing myself (which is quite time consuming, but also pretty therapeutic accompanied by a Netflix binge). I also just want to add that these jeans were virtually brand new AND super super super white- an op shopping miracle! 

003. My other uni comfort essentials include my faithful Birkenstocks (rated a "good" by Good on You), a trusty reusable water bottle (from the Source Bulk Foods), and a good sized backpack (mine is from Fjallraven, another company rated well for their ethics and sustainability!). So there you have it- a simple outfit sourced from ethical and sustainable sources, perfect to cater to all your uni needs! Hope this helps inspire you to get thrifty and get creative when sourcing funky new pieces for your wardrobe! 

Lena x