001. As you may know, at the beginning of this year I launched a new creative project called Shop Frockled. It is a little passion project that was born out of my love for personal style, concern about the environmental impact fast fashion has on our precious earth, ethics related to the workers producing fast fashion and the skill of hunting down hidden vintage gems (which if I may so myself, I happen to be damn good at!). So there you have it- Shop Frockled. If you want to hear even more about WHAT the project is, I a lil previous post here.

002. One of the biggest motivations behind the branding of Frockled, is for customers to become environmentally conscious consumers. For me, the challenge was to create a brand that was functional USING no plastic in the process at all. I think the end result that I am currently working with is great and suits the shop perfectly- a product that is carefully picked and selected with love and delivered with the same love- for you and the earth!

003. The process I use to ship the packages is pretty straight forward. I choose to send them in Australia Post "tough" bags, which are made out of cardboard- a little pricer than the average "one-price-fits-all" plastic bags, but 100% worth every penny. I then wrap up each garment carefully, tie it together with some natural twine (also reusable if the customer wishes to do so!) and then pop in a little thank you business card. I ordered these cards from a Australian website called Better Business Cards, and paid a little extra choosing the option to have them printed on eco-friendly, recycled paper and printed with non-toxic soy and vegetable based inks. Again, the environmental side of the business is something I am really passionate about and I didn't want to skimp on the details. Environmentally friendly and recycled cardboard business cards were the only way to go! Plus look how beautifully they arrived packaged in the mail- plastic free!

004. As you can see, it really is pretty simple to run a business sustainably! I have so many plans and ideas for little Shop Frockled. This store isn't a huge source of income for me personally currently, but I love running it because I get to provide an ethical and sustainable fashion option for consumers that is super funky, accessible and raises awareness about the impact fashion is having on our planet! At the moment the store is on Etsy, and the link for it is HERE. I upload a few new things weekly most of the time, so don't forget to keep updated and follow us on Facebook or Instagram. Thank you for taking the time to read this and caring about Shop Frockled, you all rock!

Lena x

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