001. This is the first Queensland Easter in a long time that I have had where it was sunshine and blue skies everyday! I made the made the most of the break by lying in the sun at the beach, driving down to Brissie for a gig and procrastinating many, many uni assignments. Over this break I also read some pretty beautiful words on Ziggy Alberts' Facebook page, that I just wanted to share in this little space of the internet. Enjoy!

"If god is the all giving being , maybe it's the planet we live on; the earth from which trees grow that we cut down to build our houses to keep us dry & our fires to keep us warm . The food, water & air to keep our hearts beating. If you need something above humanity , maybe it's the way natural disasters destroy the homes we've built or the food we've grown or drown our loved ones who die young- without motive, reason or human emotion . If you need to see punishment, maybe it's the way some crops aren't growing back because the bees are dying from the GMOS & pesticides, the way we can't drink from certain rivers affected by fracking for CSG , the way overfishing is collapsing the stability of our ocean ecosystem that provides most of our oxygen. If you need hope , maybe it's in the way the earth never gives up on trying to yield the crops , the river washes clean when we stop polluting it; dead zones in the ocean come back to life when they are given a chance to. If god is within everyone, maybe it's how our bodies - just like the earth - never give up; scars heal, hearts mend, our hearts never stop trying to beat and lungs never stop trying to breathe . If we need magic maybe it's the way we feel better when we hear the birds sing, how we see beauty in the flowers that bloom, how we have the chance to fall in love with 1 person in a world of 7 billion . If we need purity maybe it's in doing our best to recognise the reliance of economic prosperity on environmental stability, source our clothes responsibly, our food sustainably, to lower our impact, to care for others, to be transparent about our selfishness, to immerse ourselves in nature above and below .when we die and our bodies return to the land or return to the sea to be apart of the earth that help us grow, to this all giving being, maybe that's how we get to heaven."

Lena x