001. Today was my second last day living in this wonderful little place called Alice Springs. Ben and myself ventured out for a swim in a nearby waterhole called Ellery Creek Big Hole- a natural all year round swimming hole. The water is freezing, but refreshing and just what you need in 40 degree heat. We snacked on homemade (vegan) sausage rolls, pesto pasta and corn chips in the sunshine. On the drive home we stopped off at little lookout point, with a beautiful view over the mountains. I love the sunshine, wide open spaces and endless beauty that the Northern Territory is constantly showing off. 

002. I know I'm going to miss the unique sense of peace and quiet, fully surrounded by nature, just a 5 minute walk away from my doorstep. I'm going to miss having a workplace that feels more like hanging out with friends and making yummy food, than slaving away for some hard earned money. I'm going to miss the intense reds of the earth and blooming desert flowers that grow in abundance after the rain. I'm going to miss my new little family and the sense of belonging you get after growing and attaching to a place. I'm going to miss the comfort and love that I feel living under the same roof and sleeping in the same bed as my best friend. 

003. It feels like a bittersweet ending to my time in this little desert oasis- I'm leaving a little bit of my heart in the red centre, but it's time for change and time for new adventures. Excitement and sadness all mixed together is weird feeling. Here's to a life full of passion, dreams and uncertainty- because it's good to scare yourself- you need a few challenges to help you grow.

Lena x

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