001. I love, love, love the moon. It is just so magical and awe-inspiring that I can't help but have a small obsession with it. When the super moon came around this week, safe to say I was very excited. So me and Ben headed down the road with our cameras in hand to watch the beauty rise. We climbed a hill and sat on a rock face bathing in the moonlight- utter bliss (besides my run in with a prickly bush on the way up there, but I'll save that story for another time).

002. Enjoy the photos! The photos are in order from the ones taken first to the ones taken last- and I love how it shows the time difference with the shades and tones changing.  I am definitely having lots of fun with my new camera, and can't wait for the summer holidays so I can take it everywhere with me! Who wants to go on adventures and shoot with me?!

Lena x