001. There is only 62 days left until I jet off back to the Sunshine State for my first full summer on Australian shores in 2 years! I have loved every minute I've lived in the Red Centre this year and it will miss it dearly, but as I'm currently working two jobs and over 50 hours a week, the prospect of having endless free time and no responsibilities sounds like a dream. Excited really is an understatement! These three mood boards are what I'm most excited about doing over my summer, and hopefully what I can manifest into reality hehe. 

MOOD ONE// I love nature! My favourite things without a doubt to do in nature are hiking, climbing mountains and finding secret swimming spots, so this is defintely what I intend on getting around to all summer. Maybe throw in a couple of nights camping in there somewhere too. I've been super inspired by all the microadventures over on We Are Explorers, and the magical secret escapes on Wild Swimming Australia. I'm just itching to get exploring and finding new places in nature- bring on hot summer days, cool mountain breezes and refreshing dips under waterfalls please!

MOOD TWO// It wouldn't be summer without the beach. I've been an east coast baby since birth and after 7 months living in the centre of Australia I am more than ready to get salty and sandy as regularly as possible. I want expand my beach knowledge, and explore new spots instead of just venturing to my old faithfuls all the time. Australia has 10,685 beaches and it's about time to try and see some more! 

MOOD THREE// This summer I'm kinda planing on launching my own online store stocked with funky vintage threads and handmade goodies. (Well, that's the plan if everything works out fingers crossed!. I love op shopping, sifting through piles of clothes at markets, smelly vintage stores and hunting for gems. Opening an online store just seems like a natural progression for my love of fashion and sustainability. I don't need a wardrobe exploding with clothes, but sharing my finds with others seems like a perfect idea. I'm also planning on buying a new camera very shortly, so would love to experiment more with some lookbook/personal style/portrait photography. 

002. Hope this inspires your adventures and summer time antics! 

Lena x