001. On Saturday I worked a 7 hour shift, raced home, packed up the car and drove out of town for a night camping in the outback with Ben. We headed off to a super beautiful rock formation called Rainbow Valley, that is about 85km out of Alice Springs. There is no power, running water or phone reception, but the fire pits and incredible landscape make up for it. We cooked veggie burgers on the fire, ventured out into the darkness to take photos of the stars, slept in the back of the car and had fun running around in the red sand. The night sky and stars out here are something really magical. If you have never truly been far away from major cities, you may have not yet experienced a full star gazing experience. We spotted at least 3 shooting stars within 10 minutes- magic! The centre of Australia truly is something special. I’ve said it before on my blog but I just have to say it again!  I hope you enjoy these photos of our little overnight escape- they are all totally unedited…Partly because I have no photo editing software at the moment, and also because I feel like these photos showcase the raw and natural beauty of the outback. I feel so incredibly luckily to live in such a beautiful and diverse country, Australia really is a special place.

Lena x

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