001. I am on a journey of trying to only use cruelty free, natural, non-toxic beauty products that create as little waste as possible. It does sound a bit complicated but essentially I just want to be using products that aren’t harmful to me and aren’t harmful to mother nature- simple as that!

002. The first step I took in this journey was deodorant. When my latest one ran out, I decided to try and make my own- using only natural ingredients and things that aren’t packaged in wasteful ways. I could have picked a natural one up from any health food store, but they are still creating waste, usually packaged in plastic of some form, AND they are hella expensive. I’m a broke student, so the DIY method was a win for the environment and my wallet.

003. It was a little different at first using this new deodorant, I’m going to be honest with you gals. But now I totally love it because I know it’s only made of all the good stuff and I made it all by myself (no need for big corporations taking my money!) It doesn’t make you NOT sweat (because stopping perspiration isn’t natural) but it does stop any smell. The best part is that it is super easy AND super cheap. I hope you like the recipe!

DIY Zero Waste Deodorant Ingredients

- ¼ cup bi carb soda (purchased in bulk or in cardboard box from supermarket)

- ¼ cornflour (purchased in bulk)

- 2 tablespoons coconut oil (in glass jar, so it’s reusable)

- 10 drops of any essential oil- I used lavender (can reuse the glass bottle too)

1. First melt the coconut oil so it’s no longer solid

2. Then just simply just mix all the ingredients together until it forms a kind of paste.

3. Put it all in a small jar for easy access (mine used to be for curry paste).

4. Get a tiny bit on your finger each morning and rub into your armpits. Easy peasy and leaves you smelling lovely all day!

Lena x