001. HEY GUYS I HAVE FINALLY LAUNCHED MY OWN ONLINE SHOP! This has been on the cards for aggggeessssss but I am so proud of myself for finally starting it and setting it up! If you have been reading this blog for a while it's very clear that I am passionate about the environment, sustainability and ethical fashion, so this shop just is a natural progression of those interests. 

002. It's called Shop Frockled and you can find it on Facebook HERE and Instagram HERE (or just search @shopfrockled on any platform). The actual shop page is HERE. Currently it's just on Etsy, because it's functional and easy to use for everyone, but one day I would love to expand into and actual domain and real website. Fingers crossed! 

003. Preloved and vintage clothes are just the beginning. I have so many ideas of where I can take this little shop buzzing around my head and it's inevitable that all these ideas will eventually come to life in time. As for now, I'm still just trying to get on top of posting all the pieces I currently have acquired. 

004. I incorporated the little blurb I wrote about the shop into this post so you can get a feel for what Frockled really is and what it aims to do...! 

Lena x