HEY 2017


001. WELCOME TO 2017..... well 4 days into it anyway. I've been off the grid for a few days attending Falls Festival down in Byron Bay and I all I have to show for it is this one single photo, a broken phone, sunburn, a spinning head and extreme sleep deprivation. Seriously, how do people go to festivals and take lots of photos looking fresh as hell and post them on Instagram simultaneously?? They're not doing it right because I am a mess but had THE BEST time ever. I love festivals and people and music and dancing. Happy, happy, happy.

002. In other news I am currently writing this post in bed after a 14 hour sleep, and trying to set New Years intentions. I think I will do some more proper posts about my intentions for this year when my head is up and running again, but for now I want to share something that Gang of Youths posted on their Facebook page which I really really loved. ENJOY! I love you all, thanks for reading my crazy little ramblings on the internet.

Lena x