Top: Op Shop// Skirt: Handmade (with fabric from the op shop!)// Necklace: Gift

001. Hello and welcome to a new section of my blog where I am going to (hopefully) regularly document my day to day outfits. I really want to do this because I want to showcase how easy it is to shop ethically, sustainably and consciously while still having killer style.  

002. Now that I've moved back to the east coast I have been reunited with my entire wardrobe. And to be totally honest after a year of living out of a backpack or a suitcase, it was really overwhelming! So naturally, as anyone who is on their journey to live a more minimal and simple lifestyle would, I decided to sell a tonne of it. These photos were actually taken on a gloomy morning while I was taking lots of photos for my Depop account. If you want to take a look at the funky threads I'm selling give @lenaisfrockled a search! Total disclosure too that this smoothie was my breakfast AND doubled as a prop to cover up the family of coldsores on my face; because hey life isn't always peachy! 

003. I hope everyone reading this is doing well! I can't wait to share more wardrobe diaries with you! 

Lena x