001. The War on Waste is a three part television series that aired on the ABC recently here in Australia. It focuses on the waste we create as a nation and things we can do to reduce the amount. Food, fashion and plastic are the primary three categories of waste the show focuses on. It is incredibly confronting and powerful to see the sheer AMOUNT of waste we are producing and how it being dealt with. I don't really want to do an in-depth analysis of the entire show but I LOVED it and believe it is an incredibly important problem that everyone should be aware of. The links to the three episodes are HERE. I hope that even if you haven't looked into any minimalism, zero waste or sustainability movements you still check it out. Everyone makes waste in some shape or form and I think it important to be informed about the implications of our actions.

002. If you have been following this blog for a while you have probably picked up that I'm all about everything ethical, sustainable and eco. I'm on a journey to living a more minimal, simple and reduced waste lifestyle- so I have more time and money for the things that matter the most! I am nowhere near perfect, but I want to share my journey in hopes that it might inspire others and help out the earth. Basically this post was just a little introduction to something I am super excited and passionate about! I hope I can show you that reducing your waste is easy and isn't nearly as scary or intimidating as it might be perceived as. If a broke student like me can do it, so can you! I can't wait to keep learning and sharing more about this little lifestyle journey I'm on!

Lena x