001. Here's another one of those posts that fits into the weird category on this blog called "lifestyle" or in other words- Lena's little memory box to put photos and life happenings. 

002. Life is looking pretty great as of right now- I have finished my uni week from hell (4 assignments due in the space of 3 days), won a ticket through uni to attend The Design Conference down in Brissie in a couple of weeks and I have a super cool creative internship hopefully on the cards. Plus, I'm heading down to Melbourne town to see my best gal this weekend! Life is pretty fab. Still not looking good on the whole employment front, but hey, you win some you lose some. And for someone who considers themselves somewhat spontaneous and a bit of a nomad, you gotta admit living week to week is pretty damn exciting (in a glass-half-full kinda way).

003. I've recently connected with some beautiful gals in a lovely little space called the Self Love Social Club run up here on the coast. I've been to two of the little gatherings so far and every time I leave I feel like I am buzzing and just radiating on another level from the all of the good energies that are vibrating throughout the space! Such a magical feeling that human connection can create. This week we created vision boards- something that is designed to help manifest. I want to create a simple life that is driven by creativity, has the freedom to travel, a connectedness with nature and full of love. Just simple living full of the good stuff. 

004. Other things that have been happening lately include me listening to Ben play the didgeridoo a lot as it's his new found hobby, which is pretty damn cool. Also getting out into nature quite regularly climbing mountains and hiking to waterfalls (when I can afford not to be stingy with petrol #poorlife). I bloody love nature- IT IS THE BEST! If anyone wants to be friends and visit me for a day of hiking, picnicking and exploring nature, I 100% cannot think of anything better, sign me up!

Lena x