001. Time for a little life update from Lena world... I am currently living in Alice Springs (again), which is located basically in the dead centre of this big ol' island we call Australia. No it is not all red dirt and dust- would you believe that in the three weeks I've been here there's actually been maybe 5 days of rain, the river is flowing and everything is super green? Truth is I really love it out here. I have secured myself a job at a pretty funky and fun cafe, and I don't have too many things to worry about. Life here is slow paced- driving to work takes 5 minutes, the centre of town is literally walking distance and there is absolutely no chance in hitting traffic because there is only 4 sets of traffic lights in the entire town! I am definitely not complaining about this stress free lifestyle change.

002. Because I actually just have a lot of free time now, I've decided to work on me- creatively, physically and mentally. Okay... maybe the whole physically part isn't going that well yet, but hopefully once I get myself into a good exercise routine I will be on my way. Creatively I want to really keep creating lots of content in different ways. I am currently loving photography, doodling, macrame, writing and blogging. Just creating things and making art makes me one happy gal! Mentally, I am trying to do more yoga and mediation. Ideally it will become part of my day to day routine, because I KNOW how good it is for me, I just need the willpower and motivation to follow through. Self-love rocks and I have been reading lots of blogs and watching lots of Youtube channels on this topic too which I want to share the love with to you (stay tuned for a post on that).

003. I read this little text post the other day on Tumblr and I think it summarises my current thoughts quite nicely. "Don’t live your life for other people, because those people aren’t going to be standing in your shoes when the hits keep coming and those people aren’t going to fall asleep on your bed each night. You’ve got to live for you, and you alone, otherwise there’d be no point in living at all. Life’s about finding yourself, not making yourself something someone else fashioned."

004. I hope you enjoyed this little over-informative post about my little life journey and are having a lovely day!

Lena x